Unclaimed Veterans’ Bodies Services

It was unknown how many unclaimed remains of veterans are at the morgue at any given time, officials said. If a body is identified but family cannot be located, the Medical Examiner’s Office will have the remains cremated after 90 days, sooner if the family is found but unable or unwilling to make funeral arrangements.


By Melanie Burney

Family Frustrated by Undetermined Cause of Death

Despite the family’s years of lobbying for a second forensic examination by the medical examiner, James Garrow, a spokesman for the city’s Department of Public Health, said there was not enough new information for the office to reopen the investigation into Malik’s death.


By Vinny Vella

Glass Impalement Death

Fox 29

the Medical Examiner’s Office ruled the manner of death accidental and the cause of death to be a sharp injury to the abdomen.


By Kelly Rule


The Philadelphia Medical Examiner’s Office ruled Ortega’s death an accident with the cause being sharp injury to the abdomen.


By Max Bennett


Sources tell Eyewitness News the medical examiner has ruled Adrian Ortega’s death an accident.



Hypothermia Death


The Philadelphia Medical Examiner’s office confirmed Tuesday that Fomalont’s death “was caused by hypertensive cardiovascular disease with a contributing factor of environmental hypothermia,” a Health Department spokesman confirmed.  “This death was ruled accidental.”



According to the Philadelphia Medical Examiner’s office, Gerald Fomalont died of environmental hypothermia after being exposed to the harsh winter temperatures.

The hypothermia was exacerbated by hypertensive cardiovascular disease, officials said.

His death was ruled accidental.