Ristorante La Buca Hepatitis A Warning




Health officials are warning of possible Hepatitis A exposure at a Center City restaurant.

According to officials, they recently confirmed that a person who works at Ristorante La Buca, located at 711 Locust Street has acute Hepatitis A.


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Anyone who dined at the restaurant between Monday, Oct. 28 and Friday, Nov. 15 should receive a Hepatitis A vaccine as soon as possible, officials warn.


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Those who have previously received two doses of Hepatitis A vaccine or have had Hepatitis A in the past do not need to be vaccinated, the department said.


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Anyone who dined at the restaurant between Oct. 28 and Nov. 15 would have been potentially exposed, according to health officials. The Health Department advises that people who haven’t already received two doses of the Hepatitis A vaccine and dined at the restaurant should receive the vaccine as soon as possible. Those who’ve already received two doses of the vaccine or have had Hepatitis A in the past don’t need to be vaccinated, health officials said.


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Officials recommend anyone who visited Ristorante La Buca between October 28 and November 15 receive a Hepatitis A vaccine as soon as possible after a person who works at the restaurant contracted the virus.


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Streets Cleaners Safety

Hepatitis A —  a curable but highly contagious and debilitating liver disease — is primarily caused by a virus transmitted by the so-called fecal-oral route.

By mid-October, the number of reported cases in Philadelphia had surged to 360, according to city health officials. A typical year brings two to six cases.


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Hepatitis A Response

Addiction and homelessness is a major dilemma in Kensington, Philadelphia, and those directly affected have very limited access to basic resources like restrooms. So when Hepatitis A broke out across the neighborhood, the city of Philadelphia installed public restrooms equipped with toilets, running water, attendants, and Narcan. Host Shirley Min heads to Kensington to take a look at the initiative, and meets Jacelyn Blank, a mother and resident, who contracted Hep-A while planting trees and tending a community garden.


By Shirley Min

Kensington Public Toilets

Philadelphia health officials first sounded the alarm for Hepatitis A in July. The number of cases citywide, about 30 annually, had quintupled in the last two years. Most at risk are people who are battling homelessness and drug addiction, according to health department data.


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Hepatitis A at Kensington Donut Shop




The Philadelphia Department of Public Health has issued a warning of possible hepatitis A exposure after a Kensington doughnut shop worker tested positive for the infection. Health officials say the employee works at Yumcious Donuts at 3001 Kensington Ave.

Philadelphia Health Officials Warn Of Possible Hepatitis A Exposure At Kensington Doughnut Shop

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The city health department says the risk of Hepatitis A infection is “very low,” but still recommended that people who purchased or ate doughnuts from the shop during the two-week period get a Hep A vaccine as soon as possible.


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People who have already had two doses of the vaccine, or have had hepatitis in the past, do not been to be vaccinated, officials said.

“People who need hepatitis A vaccine should contact their healthcare provider’s office or visit a pharmacy to receive vaccine,” officials said in a news release.


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Potential exposure to customers would have fallen between the dates of Aug. 20 and Sept. 4. Those who have not had at least two doses of the Hepatitis A vaccine in the past are advised to get vaccinated. Those who have had Hepatitis A previously do not need to be vaccinated.


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The person worked at Yumcious Donuts at 3001 Kensington Ave., officials said. Anyone who bought doughnuts there or at a Quick Stop at the same address between Aug. 20 and Sept. 4 should get vaccinated “as soon as possible,” Philadelphia’s health department said in a statement.


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While the risk of Hepatitis A infection is very low, the Health Department recommends that people who purchased donuts from Yumcious or the Quick Stop location at the same address between Tuesday, Aug. 20 and Wednesday, Sept. 4, receive Hepatitis A vaccine as soon as possible.


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Juniata News

The Health Department is also offering Hepatitis A vaccine at McPherson Square Park on Thursday, September 19th and Tues, September, 24th from 10am to 2pm.  If you need assistance getting Hepatitis A vaccine, contact the health department at 215-685-6741 during business hours (Monday–Friday 8:30am–5:00pm).


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Hep A Update

The number of confirmed cases this year stood at 196 as of last Friday, said Dr. Steven Alles, Philadelphia’s director of disease control. Typically, the city sees two to six cases per year. Several more possible cases are being investigated.

There is not one particular hot spot of infection in Philly. “We are seeing cases presented from all over the city,” Alles told Metro. Most of the cases are in people who report using drugs or being homeless. But in a third of the infections, risk factors are unknown.


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Hep A Clinic at McPherson

The Philadelphia Department of Public Health is dealing with a case of hepatitis A in Kensington, and the agency is offering free vaccines this week.

People and some beat cops lined up to get their shots at a table the health department set up at the edge of McPherson Park Tuesday. Some said they were reluctant.


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