Maternal Mortality Grant

Aasta Mehta MD, MPP, FACOG, Women’s Health Policy Advisor with Philadelphia Department of Public Health, explained what this grant means for Philadelphia mothers specifically. “The CDC grant provides funding to strengthen the surveillance process for maternal mortality in Pennsylvania. Philadelphia accounts for approximately 20 to 25 percent of maternal deaths in Pennsylvania,” said Dr. Mehta. “Therefore, a portion of the funding will go directly to Philadelphia to strengthen our surveillance process.”

By Erin Jay

Maternal Motherhood Grant Award



“The highest cause of maternal mortality in Philadelphia is related to cardiovascular conditions,” said obstetrician-gynecologist Aasta Mehta, an adviser to the city Department of Health and a leader of its committee that reviews all pregnancy-related maternal deaths. “With Heart Safe Motherhood, we can monitor them much more rigorously and avoid hospital readmissions.”

By Marie McCullough

Pennsylvania Maternal Mortality Review Committee

“I am thinking [the state’s count] has been wildly underreported for years,” said Dr. Aasta Mehta, the women’s health policy adviser to the Philadelphia Department of Health and a member of both that city’s review committee and now the statewide committee.

By Sean Hamill