Vietnamese Restaurant Closure

“The Health Department and L&I are responsible for following up on complaints they receive through the 311 system, many of which — including complaints against this shopping center — are anonymous,” Garrow said. “If there are no violations found during the inspection, L&I will mark the complaint as unfounded, and the Health Department will post a clean health inspection report.”

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E.coli Update 9/20/19

Food Safety News

“A total of 19 cases were identified in this cluster. The last report was received on Sept. 6, and our investigation into the source continues,” department spokesman James Garrow told Food Safety News.

By Coral Beach

Food Poisoning Bulletin

The Philadelphia E. coli outbreak has grown to include 19 ill persons. James Garrow of the Philadelphia Department of Public Health updated Food Poisoning Bulletin in an email. The Department cannot confirm whether or not anyone has been hospitalized. The case count is accurate as of September 6, 2019.

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E.Coli Update


“This a wide-ranging investigation that asks very sick people to list every single thing that they’ve eaten or drank, at the level of every individual ingredient, during the period when they were exposed to the bug,” Garrow said. “This generates a massive list of possible items and locations that may have been the culprit.”

By Rita Giordano

E.coli Outbreak

The Philadelphia Department of Public Health on Thursday announced an outbreak of E. coli infections that has sickened 14 people so far.

In a statement, city health officials said their investigation “has identified a few shared restaurant exposures.” It did not name the restaurants.

By Rita Giordano

St Joe’s Dining Hall Inspection

James Garrow, director of communications for the Philadelphia Department of Public Health, said individuals who have concerns about the cleanliness of a facility are encouraged to contact the city’s Office of Food Protection.

“Whenever anyone eats at any facility inspected by the health department, including university dining halls, they should keep an eye out for things that don’t feel or look right or clean,” Garrow said.

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Pizza Restaurant Complaints 2

A representative for the city’s Department of Public Health told the outlet that the restaurant was indeed visited on Monday, but the “sanitarian” was unable to contact an inspection as it had already closed.

“Our sanitarian spoke with the owner and confirmed that this establishment will be inspected when they re-open,” said James Garrow of the City of Philadelphia’s Department of Public Health.

By Michael Bartiromo

Pizza Restaurant Complaints

James Garrow of the Department of Public Health confirmed that a “Health Department sanitarian” visited the location on Monday “in response to online complaints.”

“The sanitarian was unable to conduct an inspection of the establishment. This facility was last inspected on March 27, 2017 and found in compliance,” he said. “Our sanitarian spoke with the owner and confirmed that this establishment will be inspected when they re-open.”

By Brian Hickey

Hiring New Restaurant Inspectors

“Inspections are done on a rolling calendar schedule based upon fiscal year, but that is upset by complaints,” Digital Public Health Director James Garrow told Billy Penn, “which obviously upsets any type of hyper-planned out calendar, and rightfully so as we take complaints very seriously.”

By Danya Henninger