South Philly Mice Follow-up


The inspection found “visible physical evidence of rodent and insect activity.”

That includes mouse droppings and live roaches.

The report states the restaurant must take corrective action to eliminate the violations. As of now, the restaurant remains opens.

By Staff


The health department returned Friday to Popeyes restaurant and found multiple violations.

Our cameras captured mice running around inside the restaurant.

By Staff

Mice in South Philly Restaurant


“This is considered a Good Retail Practice violation, not a Foodborne Risk violation,” the spokesman said. “Foodborne Risk is when evidence of pests are found in food prep and serving areas. Also, the inspector who does this work every day noted that the droppings were old and didn’t feel that this was evidence of a current infestation.”

By Cleve Bryan


As for the video, it is shocking. Unfortunately, it’s also completely unverifiable. We don’t know if that video was shot last night or if it was even shot in that location. We’ve had no complaints about rodents in that facility and given the recent inspection showing no pests, we did not feel this was a credible video and could not justify a repeat inspection.

By Michael Tanenbaum


That said, we’ve since been sent video from other media outlets that I’ve forwarded to the Office of Food Protection for review, and they may choose to reinspect.

By Kelly Rule


Action News cameras have captured mice running around inside a South Philadelphia fast-food restaurant.

By Bob Brooks