Condom Distribution Program

When the site was initially rolled out in 2011, some media outlets reported it targeted the age bracket of 11 to 19 years old, which some parents felt was too young a start. The city acknowledges it can’t actually age-verify who used the service — but remains nonplussed about it.

“It’s possible that younger folks may have received the condoms,” Garrow told Billy Penn. “And honestly, we were never opposed to that happening.”

By Max Marin

Take Control Philly Highlight

You might not know this, but a branch of Philadelphia’s Department of Public Health launched an effort dubbed Take Control Philly that’s all about providing the tools and knowledge to promote safe sex in the city.

Its website is a solid resource, covering many sex-focused frequently asked questions like: How can I get tested for STDs? And how do I ask my partner to use a condom? And there is a contact form you can fill out with specific questions.

By Bailey King