Lewis Lloyd Death

Des Moines Register

Lloyd, one of the Missouri Valley Conference’s all-time greats in his two years with the program, died Friday at age 60. James Garrow, a spokesperson for the Philadelphia Medical Examiner’s Office, told the Register Lloyd died from an accidental “drug intoxication.”


By Tommy Birch

Philly Tribune

James Garrow, spokesman for the Philadelphia Department of Public Health, confirmed Tuesday that the MEO ruled that Lloyd’s death at the age of 60 last Friday “was accidental and was caused by drug intoxication.”


By Daryl Bell


James Garrow, spokesman for the Philadelphia Department of Public Health, said Tuesday that the medical examiner’s office had determined Lloyd’s death was “accidental from drug intoxication.” No other details would be revealed publicly.


By Mike Jensen

Sheriff’s Deputy Death

The Root

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that the city’s first openly gay deputy sheriff died by suicide, according to findings confirmed by the Philadelphia Medical Examiner’s Office.


By Jay Connor


The Philadelphia Medical Examiner’s Office on Monday confirmed what many suspected: Dante M. Austin, the city’s first openly gay deputy sheriff, whose body was found Friday morning, died by suicide.


By Mensah Dean


The Philadelphia Medical Examiner’s Office has confirmed that the wound was self-inflicted.


By John Riley

Gosnell Memorial

I called the Medical Examiner’s Office myself and left a message, and also sent an email, and this is the response I received from James Garrow, communications director for the Philadelphia Department of Health:

Thank you for reaching out, Christine. The Medical Examiner’s Office and Health Department have no comment on this request.


By Christine Flowers

Greenberg Case

James Garrow, spokesman for the Philadelphia Department of Public Health, which oversees the Medical Examiner’s Office, said he cannot release additional information about the investigation into Greenberg’s death. These investigations are protected under privacy laws and all the office is required to release is the name, cause and manner of death, he said.

But he noted, “In this particular case, the medical examiner must have felt there was sufficient evidence to feel that the decedent in this case had the intention of committing suicide.”

He said officials with the Medical Examiner’s Office have spoken with a private investigator for the Greenberg family and said they would reopen Ellen Greenberg’s case if some new evidence is presented to warrant that, but that has not yet happened.


By Steve Marroni

Unclaimed Veterans’ Bodies Services

It was unknown how many unclaimed remains of veterans are at the morgue at any given time, officials said. If a body is identified but family cannot be located, the Medical Examiner’s Office will have the remains cremated after 90 days, sooner if the family is found but unable or unwilling to make funeral arrangements.


By Melanie Burney

Family Frustrated by Undetermined Cause of Death

Despite the family’s years of lobbying for a second forensic examination by the medical examiner, James Garrow, a spokesman for the city’s Department of Public Health, said there was not enough new information for the office to reopen the investigation into Malik’s death.


By Vinny Vella

Glass Impalement Death

Fox 29

the Medical Examiner’s Office ruled the manner of death accidental and the cause of death to be a sharp injury to the abdomen.


By Kelly Rule


The Philadelphia Medical Examiner’s Office ruled Ortega’s death an accident with the cause being sharp injury to the abdomen.


By Max Bennett


Sources tell Eyewitness News the medical examiner has ruled Adrian Ortega’s death an accident.