First Human West Nile Virus Case of 2019



According to the Philadelphia Department of Public Health, the city has had its first case of a person being diagnosed with the neurologic infection.

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection has announced that they have found West Nile virus activity in the mosquito population in at least 57 of the 67 counties in the state, including all counties in southeastern Pennsylvania.

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Health Commissioner Dr. Thomas Farley urged residents to take necessary precautions against the virus, a neurologic infection spread by infected mosquitoes.

“We all have a role in preventing the spread of West Nile virus,” Farley said in a statement. “And it’s easy to do: Wear mosquito repellent and dump out standing water.”

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There were 17 West Nile virus cases in the city last year.

To report mosquito problems, contact the health department at 215-685-9000.

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The first human case of West Nile virus in 2019 has been reported in Philadelphia, health officials announced Tuesday.

West Nile activity in mosquitoes has also been reported in 57 of 67 Pennsylvania counties to date including all counties in the southeastern part of the state, the Philadelphia Department of Public Health stated.

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Health officials are working to control the mosquitos throughout the city and advise residents to take precautions to combat the virus.

“We all have a role in preventing the spread of West Nile virus,” Philadelphia Health Commissioner Thomas Farley said. “It’s easy to do: wear mosquito repellent and dump out standing water.”

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Maternal Motherhood Grant Award



“The highest cause of maternal mortality in Philadelphia is related to cardiovascular conditions,” said obstetrician-gynecologist Aasta Mehta, an adviser to the city Department of Health and a leader of its committee that reviews all pregnancy-related maternal deaths. “With Heart Safe Motherhood, we can monitor them much more rigorously and avoid hospital readmissions.”

By Marie McCullough