Cases of West Nile Virus in Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA–Today, the Health Department announced that they have identified eleven confirmed cases of human West Nile Virus thus far in 2018. None of these cases were fatal. Previously, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection has announced that they have seen the highest level of West Nile virus activity in the mosquito population since the disease was first introduced in 2000. Health Department employees are working in a variety of ways to control mosquitoes throughout the city, but need the public’s help.[UNIQID]

Eleven West Nile Virus Cases Found in Philadelphia Thus Far in 2018

The Philadelphia Health Department is spreading the word about the West Nile virus’ presence in the city and asking for the public’s help combatting the further spread of the disease, they are also asking for help from residents.

By Sam Newhouse

The health department is cautioning residents that mosquito season is not over. And the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection has said this year marks the highest level statewide for West Nile virus activity in the mosquito population since 2000.

As a result, the city’s health department is taking steps to control mosquitoes but is asking for the public’s help too.

By Frank Kummer

Philadelphia Health Commissioner Thomas Farley issued a statement Friday urging residents to wear mosquito repellent and dump standing water, which is essential to breeding.

Anyone who experiences unexplained headaches, weakness or fatigue should contact their primary care physician.

The Philadelphia Health Department has treated more than 57,000 storm drain inlets with larvicide to prevent mosquito breeding. The department also has conducted four aerosol sprays to kill adult mosquitoes in areas where West Nile Virus is known to occur.

By John Kopp

Philadelphia health officials are confirming nearly a dozen cases of the mosquito-borne West Nile virus so far this year. KYW Newsradio’s Mark Abrams reports.

By Mark Abrams