FDA Announcement on Banning Menthol

“For too long, flavored cigars and menthol cigarettes have been the on-ramp to smoking for teenagers in Philadelphia.  Prohibiting these flavored products would be a major advance in the battle against the nation’s biggest killer – tobacco,” said Philadelphia Health Commissioner Thomas Farley. “We also support FDA’s proposed actions to protect teens from the marketing of flavored e-cigarettes.”


By Aneri Pattani

Juul Stopping Selling Some Flavors

Philadelphia Health Commissioner Tom Farley said the company’s actions don’t go far enough. “Juul is making these changes because it is under pressure from the FDA.  But if they were serious about protecting kids, they would discontinue all of their flavorings and target their marketing specifically to adult smokers who want to quit,” Farley said in a statement.


By Aneri Pattani

State Preemption of City Tobacco Regulations

“We were certainly both surprised and disappointed to see that included, particularly in a bill that wasn’t out in the open for discussion,” said Dr. Cheryl Bettigole, the city’s director of chronic disease prevention. “There wasn’t a way to have a discussion about all the reasons that’s a terrible idea.”


By John Kopp

Tobacco Retailer Siting Hearings

Philadelphia has twice as many cigarette retailers per capita as any other city, making teenagers far more likely to be lured to smoke, according to Health Commissioner Thomas Farley.
“The major way big tobacco markets cigarettes these days is point-of-sale marketing in stores, and it works,” Farley said. “It gets more kids smoking and more kids addicted.”
Farley said reducing that number is crucial to curbing smoking since most ads for cigarettes are in stores that sell them.
“The rules allow stores to continue to have the permits for as long as they want to, they just simply prevent new stores from opening up in those neighborhoods that have too many stores already,” he explained. 


By Pat Loeb