In-Home Care for Postpartum Depression

In-home therapy is just one new tactic being explored by a consortium of Philadelphia providers to increase women’s access to care for postpartum depression. The working group, called the Community Action Network, is led by the city Department of Public Health, the Maternity Care Coalition, and Einstein Health. It emerged from an effort to lower infant-mortality rates across Philadelphia.

By Nina Feldman

Overdose Prevention Sites OpEd

Overdose prevention sites, also known as supervised injection facilities, offer a clean, safe environment in which people can inject drugs they have purchased elsewhere under the supervision of medical staff, who act much like lifeguards do at a swimming pool. Staff members are always on the scene and armed with naloxone, which they can readily administer if needed so no overdose becomes a fatality.

By Thomas Farley

Cocaine and Fentanyl Investigation

The people who are overdosing with cocaine and fentanyl in their bodies are not your average coke user, according to Dr. Kendra Viner, Opioids Program Manager at Philadelphia’s Department of Public Health. “People who died from overdose with cocaine and fentanyl in their system look similar demographically and in death scene presentation to those who died from overdose with cocaine and heroin,” said Viner.

By Max Daly

Rise in HIV Cases Among Injection Drug Users

Thomas Farley, commissioner of Philadelphia’s Department of Public Health, said the increase “is something that definitely has us concerned.”

The overall number of new HIV cases has been on a steady decline since the mid-2000s. Currently, 19,199 Philadelphians are living with HIV. In 2017 there were 419 newly diagnosed HIV infections, according to the health department.

But from 2016 to 2018, the number of new diagnoses reported in people who inject drugs has nearly doubled to 59, a number that is sure to rise when all the data are finalized, said James Garrow, spokesperson for the Department of Public Health.

By Mari Schaefer

Joellen Brown Obituary

On Friday, March 22, Ms. Brown, 65, who walked with the aid of a cane, stepped off the curb at 21st and Lombard Streets, a block from her home near Rittenhouse Square, and was hit by a delivery van as it backed up. She died two days later at Penn Presbyterian Hospital from complications of head trauma, said the Philadelphia Medical Examiner’s Office, which ruled the death an accident.

By Bonnie Cook